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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  September 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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developing news, have you
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been looking at live pictures from sky 7hd. >> amtrak and a truck collide. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. there are injuries. dozens of passengers were hurt. 2* happened around 7:30. the amtrak train was heading from oakland to bakerses field when it slam need -- bakersfield when it slammed into a big rig. thomas roman has more. >> dan, we are in a very rural area, and they are taking passengers off the train. now look behind me. it looks like the set for a disaster movie, but for 200 passengers it was very real. fortunately no one was killed, but there were dozens of injuries. the amtrak train was on its way to bakersfield with 200 passengers when fire officials say it hit a semitruck carrying corn. it happened in this incorporated area of east contra costa county. passengers tell us they felt the train shudder. the impact scared passengers,
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some of whom panicked. this doctor helped the pregnant woman when the woman started screaming. >> i got so scared. >> it was panicked. no one heard anything for 10, 15 minutes when they announced it on the speakers. >> i was falling asleep and i saw the jerk and i freaked out a little bit. >> just a little bit? >> a lot, actually. >> the fire chief tells us that 35 people were injured. >> approximately 35 victims have been injured in the collision from minor to moderate injuries. they are currently being triaged and transported to local hospitals. >> the driver and a passenger
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of the truck the train hit are uninjured. >> now, this is what the scene looks like live from sky 7. there are four fire trucks and 10 ambulances were distach patched. -- dispatched. they have not moved since the accident. there are 100 emergency personnel on scene. we are told that amtrak police are investigating the accident. we asked, but we don't know yet if there was a controled railroad crossing at the site of the impact. now back here live, amtrak tells us that they are going to be dispatching buses to the scene of the accident. they are ferrying passengers back to their point of origin. that is, they will be taking those passengers back to where they started their trip. how they are going to get to their final destination is still unknown. >> thomas roman reporting. we will continue to keep you updated. coming up, we will bring you another live report. we will hear from passengers stranded because of the train accident. >> a poignant meeting in east palo alto between city officials and the mother
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mourning the loss of her little girl. an emotional crowd of 50 met outside the police headquarters. she was walking on a crosswalk when she was hit and killed on her way. the mother met with a police chief. >> the mayor told the crowd that the investigation into the accident is continuing. he added it is more pornts to have more police in the area rather than install streetlights at the intersection where he was killed. >> residents in a tribld san francisco neighborhood are getting new attention from the top. the mayor and the police chief hit the streets of the bay view today. abc7's john alston reports they heard what people in the community said was a big problem. >> they paid a visit to the bay view district, and they stopped in a store where officers have been called many times before. it is the market on third street.
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sources tell abc news that officers answered 70 calls since march. he says he has tried to control the problem of people drinking alcohol and loitering. >> what are some of the things that happen? >> i mean, the only thing i told you is the shooting. >> today he turned to the mayor and the police chief for help. >> we asked him for help, and they are helping. >> some bay view residents blame much of the violence on the abundance of liquor stores along third street. and they want police to do more to stop people from drinking and hanging around. >> the problem is they could resolve a lot of this and they would do their job and don't allow them there, period. >> they have foot and bike patrols and regularly hand outcry stations for loitering and open container violations. the visit by the mayor and the police chief occurred where a
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five-year-old girl was shot in the knee while walking home from school a week and a half ago. >> some of us actually saw the shooting, but that little girl got hit with a bullet. >> the speakers asked not only city hall, but the bay view residents to do more. >> that's right. it is l helping ourselves. and we need to increase our standards and expect more from ourselves. >> in san francisco, john alston, abc7 news. the man accused of killing a german tourist in san francisco will not face the death penalty. he was hit by a stray bullet during a gang-related shooting in the theater district a year ago. initially there wasn't enough evidence to hold the suspects and they were released. a grand jury handed down indictments against seven young men. this morning six appeared in court to answer the charges. >> again, this case even in any other type of circumstances has the death
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penalty warranted. >> foif of the six are facing first degree murder charges. they have pleaded not guilty. police are still trying to arrest a seventh suspect. a lettuce recall linked to possible listeria contamination at true leaf farms just got bigger. they are checking out a field in watsonville and a processing facility in san juan bautista. it involved 90 car tons shiped to an oregon food service distributor. now almost two and a half thousand cartons were declared suspect. so far there is no connection with the deadly listeria outbreak linked to cantaloupe from colorado. that outbreak killed at least 17 people. a new scandal at cyl ny dra. executives refused to answer questions about the sudden shut down including whether they got bonuses. an fbi source says that cylindra is under investigation for accounting fraud.
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they were raided on september 8th, two days after they filed for bankruptcy protection. they received a $528 million government loan guarantee, and they are under investigation by congress. meantime, the energy department has approved three more loan guarantees for solar energy. $3 billion worth of loans were approved before tonight's midnight deadline under the same program that paid for the cylindra loan. >> pg&e hillary pair a plastic pipe that exploded in cupertino. sky 7hd was there when the condo burst into flames. it was a plastic pipe that ruptured. the utility says it will replace 12,000 feet of the pipe in november. pg&e says the same type of plastic pipe ruptured three days ago. it created these eerie pictures of a road burning. the fire burned for hours before pg&e capped the line. the fbi is asking for the
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public's health identifying a bank robber who has been very busy in this state. federal officials call him "the mr. mcgoo bandit." she described as white man in his 40s, dirty blonde hair and prescription glasses. that's the mcgoo reference. he robbed two local banks, one in south san francisco and one in novato for a total of nine in calf calf. he never used a gun, but he slips the teller a demand note. concerns after a mumps outbreak on campus. it has been reported at three student residences. an e-mail went out warning students of the outbreak. mumps is a viral infection that spreads through the saliva or mucous of an infected person. the strike that took down the man some are calling the most dangerous man in the world. and why the white house is now defending the action. >> plus, the phenomenon that is creating this unusual blue glow in the ocean.tttt?tñ/ññ
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to
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dozens of people were injured after an amtrak train and a truck collided jie. these are live pictures from sky heavy hd. it happened near discovery bay just after 7:00 tonight. the oakland to bakersfield train did not derail. the condition of the truck driver is unknown. the passengers are -- >> the passengers are being brought back to the station where they were picked up. >> sean alston is live in antioch with more. john? >> dan and carolyn, amtrak created a bus bridge to get passengers back to stations along the way. the bus at the antioch amtrak station got here at 9:30. the driver does not know whether or not he is going to be intercepting passengers on the train that got in the accident tonight or perhaps passengerswho were going to come here who need to bypass the crash site. a short time ago we talked to two young passengers on the train. they are now at the resort waiting for a bus. they were on the train and they were not hurt.
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but here is what they said happened a short time ago. >> we were riding along in the train. we heard this loud noise. all we could see was dirt and sparks and things of that nature going by. >> i could just see the front of the truck and the sparks and a lot of debris and everything in the air. when i seen out the window that's it. >> those two cousins were not hurt. they did not see anybody who was injured, and they did not see anybody who were shaken up. the conductor told them apparently this big rig who may have had two trailers according to them, the rear end did not cross the track in time. at least to their recollection, it appeared to be some type of a dirt crossing that did not have guard rails. of course that has to be confirmed.
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they are at the or row wood re-- oro wood resort. they left here on their way to stockton to spend the week with friends. they are waiting at the resort for a bus to take them to stockton which could be several hours from now. live in antioch, john alston, abc news. president obama is calling it a major blow to al-qaeda's most active affiliate. a u.s. air strike killed american-born cleric. >> but now the white house is under fire to explain the legal justification for his death. >> u.s. officials considered him to be the world's most dangerous man. today he is the latest high-profile terrorist target taken out by the cia and the u.s. military. he was killed in a drone strike there. >> the death marks another significant milestone in the broad effort to defeat al-qaeda and affilliates. >> the fiery cleric was
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aggressively pushing for al-qaeda to conduct attacks aimed at the u.s. and recruiting would be terrorists on-line. >> never underestimate the power of fear. >> u.s. officials say he was in direct contact with the fort hood shooter before the masacre. they say he also personally advised the so-called underwear bomber before his thwarted mission to blowup an american plane over detroit on christmas day 2009. >> he is the most charizmatic leader, much more than bin laden. he was obsessed with attacking the united states. >> the u.s. has been trying to kill or capture the 38-year-old cleric for almost two years, but he was they ever charged with a crime. today the white house refused to explain its legal justification for his assasination without a trial. >> i am not speaking hypothetically or speaking about the circumstances of his death. >> reporter: u.s. in--
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>> u.s. intelligence are concerned about attacks about the death. the government remains at a state of heightened alert and security efforts were not reduced since the scarce of the 9/11 anniversary. abc news, washington. >> and in a few minutes on "nightline" who was he, and how did the united states agents track him down? now to some wild waves off the coast of san diego. look at this. a surfer riding waves that are glowing neon blue at night. this is a red tide because of the algae. it is crimson by day, but at night the billions of microscopic cells are jostled causing a colorful chemical. >> that's bizarre. cool, glow in the dark waves. let's update the weather forecast as we hit the weekend. >> sandhya patel is here with that for us. >> it is going to be a nice looking weekend. other than a couple sprinkles first thing tomorrow morning, today's highs were in the upper 60s along the coast. we got to the mid to upper
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70s inland. a big cool down inland. 15 to 20-degree drop in places like livermore around ukiah. the numbers definitely headed down as the cooling continued. here is what it looks like right now. temperatures in the 60s. livermore 59 degrees. a chance of sprinkles early saturday and partly cloudy and mild weekend. and rain develops next week. you will need the rain gear monday to wednesday of next week. let's look at the short-term. a few sprinkles first thing in the morning. the peninsula and the east bay. by morning, most areas will wake up to cloudy skies, but the temperatures will be comfortable as a result of the cloud cover up there. we are looking at upper 50s to low 60s. here is the pacific satellite picture. it is a weak system off the coast here that will bring us the possibility of a few drops early tomorrow morning. then we are looking at a stronger storm that is developing here in the gulf of alaska. it is a cold system.
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you can seat speckled clouds here, and this system will bring in winter-like weather as we head into next week. let me show you the timing of all of this. monday morning for the commute , not looking bad at all. just some clouds. the rain moves into the north bay by 8:00. by 11:00 a.m., could see some rainfall into the east bay, the peninsula. may not quite reach the south bay immediately. we will just go with rain developing on monday and then spreading as we head into tuesday with everyone getting wet on wednesday. upper 60s along the coast. you will see plenty of sun in the afternoon. low to mid70s for the peninsula, the east bay and south bay. 76 in livermore and 74 in san jose. napa 72 degrees. you will see a little more cloud cover there. 70 in santa rosa. ukiah and cloverdale could be a few lingering showers tomorrow afternoon. in the low 70s. these temperatures, especially inland running well be low normal for this time of year. around the monterey bay, a mild day. 72 in santa cruz, 76 inland in gilroy.
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here is a look at the forecast for sunday. the raiders are taking on the new england patriots at the coliseum. 1:15 game. mainly sunny. temperatures range frght mid60s to the upper 60s. beautiful weather for that game. here is a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. after a few morning sprinkles, we are looking a the a mild partly cloudy weekend. rain monday heading into tuesday. a wet, windy wednesday on tap. we could be see something snow in the high country. bluegrass festival is happening this weekend in san francisco. oktoberfest by the bay and the weather looks nice. >> thanks, sandhya. more rising fees. the bank that is following b of a's lead. >> and the shortage that could ground some hot air balloons. that story is coming up. osososol
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another bank is imposing a fee on customers. citigroup is telling checking account holders it will charge them $15 a month unless they maintain a balance above $6,000. a shut down at a wyoming gas plant that lead to a
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nationwide helium shortage has ended. it was affected by unexpected maintenance problems. helium suesed from everything from rocket launches to hot air balloons. it affected the balloon race in albuquerque where it cost $8,000. many now use hydrogen instead. a young baseball fan injured in san francisco this summer will get a neat opportunity tomorrow. nine-year-old ryan white of philadelphia was struck by a hit-and-run driver as we reported in august after leaving at&t park. he was in town with his family watching the phillies play the giants. he suffered a brain injury and broken bones, but he is on the mend. ryan is going to walk to the pitcher's mound to toss out the first pitch in the phillies-cardinal playsoff game. >> that's great to know he is able to do that. larry beil is here with sports. >> that's a great come back story. two world series titles and one historic collapse spell
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everytime you use your jcpenney rewardsredit card reveal savings worth 15...20... or 30% extra off all apparel,
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shoes and accessories. no exclusions! go to to see everything on sale. jcpenney. the man who ended the curse of the bambino decided he was at the end. terry francona was out. this after the epic collapse. the red sox blew a nine-game lead in september. they missed the playoffs. unthinkable. francono lead them to two world series. he lost the clubhouse feeling ownership wouldn't support him. he felt it was time to go. >> i think it is time for a new voice here. i was frustrated with some of my inabilities to get some things done here, and after talking to ownership and feeling at length multiple times, it was the best thing to do for the organization and
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myself. >> the playoffs began with tampa visiting texas. cooper stone with the first pitch. his father shannon stone died at a inning rangers game earlier this year when he fell over the railing. there were tears everywhere. tampa needed a lot of luck and skill to make the playoffs, and now making the most. johnny damon homers and 2-0 rays. his batting average this season was 176. nobody predicted this. he homered twice in this game. matt moore made only his second major league start ever and tossed seven score less innings. he is in the playoff game. all rays 9-0. >> three weeks ago i was in the minor leagues. to be a part of this and the post season push, it is something i never dreamed was going happen this year. >> yankees and tigers, the pride of vallejo against verlander. the battle that never unfolded. he pokes one in the first and
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1-0 detroit. it started pouring in the second inning. where is live doppler 7hd when you need it? the game was suspended. it will resume tomorrow with the score tied at 1-1 in the second inning. the raiders showed they may be for real beating the jets last sunday. next up, the patriots visiting on sunday. the raiders sold out for the second straight week. the black hole will be energized. on paper, looks like a shootout. the raiders and patriots average more than 30 points per game. jason campbell's job will be to keep up with tom brady and the patriot attack. >> there are two offenses that like to score points. both teams do things their way. they like to get the ball in the play maker's hand. new england like to get it to wes welker. tom brady is tom. he will go out and spread the ball around. >> what a finish tonight. utah state and byu, cougars down 11 in the fourth quarter and they go to their back up quarterback, a former aggie
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and he hits him 24 yards. byu is down 24-20. the cougars show 96 yards and 15 seconds left. pandemonium as the cougars win it 27-24. and that is your toyota sports report. what a finish. >> that was great. thanks, larry. >> "night nightline" is next. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. for larry beil and sandhya patel. our next newscast is tomorrow morning. stay connected at have a good night.
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tonight on "nightline," terror takeout. a major blow to al qaeda. as u.s. drones kill


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